A Message from Param Shraddhey Ayurved Shiromani Acharya Balkrishna Ji Maharaj

Children are the future of any nation. They are at the centre of the dreams and aspirations of the parents. Parents wish to see their children achieve great heights. They aspire to give their children the best of education and the best of values. The ancient Vaidic Education system of India was the best divine combination of instruction and values. 'Acharyakulam' is the confluence of former Vaidic learning and the best of present-day education. We wish to groom up leaders with high moral values along with the best of current knowledge through Acharyakulam.

In earlier times, the leaders of our nation used to be nurtured in the Gurukuls. The pupils used to study the Veda-Vedangas along with the art of defence, economics & virtues. They thereby used to gain the ability of critical thinking of right and wrong. Honest, austere and self-disciplined people held the supreme place amongst individuals, family, society and the Nation. Unfortunately, in today's experts, leaders & intelligentsia, feelings and values of spirituality, Bhartiyata (Indianness) and self-esteem are withering on the vine.

We have to prepare social, cultural, spiritual, economic, industrial, political, scientific & intellectual leadership through Acharyakulam and other erudite programmes. We will groom up such leadership tinged with spirituality, Bharatiyata and self-esteem who will be the amalgamation of modernization and Bharatiya.

Acharyakulam shall play a pivotal role in nurturing superior and fully awakened citizens.

heartily wish all the Children, Parents and Guardians a successful, prosperous and pious life ahead.